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Metroid: Samus Returns Review

Metroid has a very conflicted past. To some, the series is a confusing mess. It’s a labyrinth of tunnels with a directionless story. To others, like myself, it’s a journey– a mixed walk of isolated dread and terror. Overwhelming odds at every corner, which slowly side in your favor as the adventure unfolds. To those […]

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Retro Studios isn’t making Metroid Prime 4 and THAT’S FINE!

Nintendo took everybody by surprise this year with the sheer amount of content they packed into E3. Honestly, this soon after the launch of Switch, I didn’t really expect them to use this E3 as anything more than a marketing platform for games we already knew about. Arms, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles are all big Nintendo […]

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Nintendo News: NX Release confirmed, also some Zelda stuff, and some other stuff.

Nintendo released an earnings report again. Inside, you will find numbers. Numbers claiming Splatoon was a hit, numbers claiming Mario Maker is killing it, numbers boasting Miitomo\’s explosive success out of the gate. Alongside these fluffy numbers to keep investors happy, you will find some news. Let\’s check it out! I hope you didn\’t buy […]

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The new Metroid blasts out a teaser site

Metroid is a prized treasure of Nintendo. Metroid Prime and Super Metroid are undisputed kings of video games. Gamers have always reacted to the latest in the series with joy and anticipation! …Then they announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The E3 reveal for the latest “Metroid” game was less than stellar. Honestly, I can’t fault […]

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