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Opinion: Microsoft needs to up their game at E3 this year.

The internet has been pretty harsh on Microsoft lately with jokes about how well their console performs as a Netflix box. Even at Pixelrater, it has become normal to nag on the Xbox One for having nothing to play. Obviously we don’t mean LITERALLY nothing to play. On the contrary, I spend most nights playing […]

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We Happy Few is all kinds of weird.

Part Bioshock. Part 1984. All strange. We Happy Few is an upcoming title from Compulsion Games that will try to take all your weird bones and juice them… Hard. Taking place in 1964, the game plots you as a character in a dystopian society where citizens take drugs known as \”Joy\” in order to make […]

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RIP Xbox 360 :'(

10 years: That’s how long Xbox 360 has been around. It’s always sad when a console ends it’s run. Be it a long lived romp like the Playstation 2, or a short defeat like the Dreamcast. Seeing something that’s meant to bring joy to your life fade into obscurity is always a bummer. That’s exactly […]

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Rare Replay: Review

In recent years, it feels like Rare has taken a backseat in their partnership with Microsoft; releasing a number of lukewarm Kinect enabled titles for the Xbox 360. Most of these are motion based sports or family games that I personally don’t find all that fun. It’s been disappointing to watch a once great company […]

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