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Where’s My Copy of Mighty No. 9?!

Oyi. As if the multiple delays and horrendous last trailer weren\’t enough, Kickstarter backers have yet to receive codes or physical copies for Mighty No. 9. You know, the game fans funded to the tune of over four million dollars to help create. As you can imagine, the Kickstarter community is none to pleased. To […]

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Mighty No. 9 Goes Gold (Excluding 3DS & Vita)

For those of you who are still excited about Mighty No. 9 I have some great news—the game has gone gold! Once a game goes gold that means the code is ready for retail disc pressin\’ or downloadin\’ to your platform of choice! It launches June 21 in North America and Asia and will hit […]

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UPDATE: Mighty No. 9 Mighty Disappoints

Oh boy. I received an email this morning regarding Mighty No. 9 and I was really hoping it\’d be good news. News that those who Kickstarted the project would be happy to hear, but alas, the game has been delayed. A third time. The long and short of it is that apparently the team is […]

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