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Episode 47 – Mayo vs Butter—and More Switch

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Daney (@daneyrivera), and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and go over some gaming news in the Recap. Daney weighs in with her Nintendo Switch opinions, and that’s about it because there’s not a lot happening in gaming other than Switch.

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Questions Still Linger As Nintendo Switch Release Approaches

Last week, we gazed in amazement as Nintendo shed more light on their upcoming home console, the Nintendo Switch. While they did share a huge amount of info, it was largely relegated to how the hardware functions and trying to make a case for why you should buy one. That’s great info and all, but […]

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Recap 1.20.17

PlayStation The YouTube app for PS4 has been updated with 360 degree support for PSVR [divider] Xbox Scalebound has been cancelled. Well shit. Microsoft will be rolling out an update to Windows 10 in early 2017 dubbed the Creators Update. One of the features will be a new “Game Mode” that is said to improve […]

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Hands-On With Nintendo Switch

Man has it been a busy weekend! It all started last Thursday at 11pm EST when Nintendo dropped a bunch of info (although maybe not enough) about the Switch. I stayed up until almost 3am, feverishly writing an article brimming with news as I scoured Nintendo’s main site for whatever info may have fallen through […]

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Episode 46 – More Switch Impressions and Hands-On Thoughts

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Will (@scotch_man), and Tristan (@trondood) as talk more Nintendo Switch! Tristan and Will weigh in on their thoughts of the event and news while Antonio discusses his impressions after going hands-on with the Switch and accessories.

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Episode 45 – Nintendo Switch Reactions With The Nintendo Power Couple

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_) and special guests Felia and Danny from The Nintendo Power Couple as they discuss their reactions to the Nintendo Switch Events from this past weekend. The trio also gushes about the the games they’re most excited to play as well as kicking around franchises they’d like to see make the switch to […]

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Nintendo Switch Price, Release Date, Launch Games, and More!

Nintendo’s Switch event has just ended (watch archive here) in Tokyo and while not all of our questions here at Pixelrater have been answered, I’ve compiled a vast amount of the details I do know. Let’s jump right in! [divider] Launch Date / Price / Configurations Contrary to almost every report, the Nintendo Switch will […]

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Episode 44 – Games, Will’s 3DS Obsession, and…..Lemons?

After a short hiatus due to the holidays, LAN Party is back! Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Will (@scotchman), and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about cool games they’ve been playing and as Will gushes over his new 3DS! They also Recap the past couple weeks of news……this is the calm before the Nintendo Switch storm! Next […]

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