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I can’t believe it’s already March! It feels like this year has begun to fly by. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days, we will have the Switch release and a new Zelda in our hands. Even after that, March is looking really killer in terms of new releases. For the occasion, […]

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I have waited for this game nearly all my life. As a kid, I prayed to the Nintendo gods, begging them for a game that included Pokemon battles without the turn based limitations. I was asking for a miracle, or at least that\’s what it felt like back then. Fast forward a dozen or so […]

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RT @Scotch_man: Streaming some #RepublicCommando now on @Twitch! twitch.tv/pixelrater no commentary today, small cold. ;)
Tony Plays Farpoint Part II: youtu.be/gGOEZygphWI?a via @YouTube
Tony Plays Farpoint: youtu.be/VgPyb7h8BzE?a via @YouTube