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CounterSpy Review

CounterSpy isn’t a perfect game. The controls for aiming while shooting in third person mode can feel wonky and the gameplay can feel repetitive with a few dumb AI moments but it has so much charm that I can’t help but find myself playing it over and over. What’s interesting is that for me the […]

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The Last Tinker City of Colors Review

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a game that’s not afraid to borrow from the genre that birthed it. You see kids back in the early days of 3D gaming the platformer genre lead the industry much like first person shooters do today. Many people credit Nintendo’s release of Super Mario 64_in propelling 3D […]

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Infamous Second Son Review

I\’m going to start out this review by stating that I\’ve never been into the Infamous series. When I played the original I found it to be too repetitive and I just couldn\’t get into the story and didn\’t care about Cole. I wasn\’t able to relate to him and I saw the potential the […]

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A Recap of Killzone’s Story

As we gear up for the launch of PlayStation 4 and the fourth main installment in the Killzone series (not including Killzone Liberation for PSP and the excellent Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita) I felt it necessary to recap the backstory for those who need a refresher or may be new to the series. The […]

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