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Episode 45 – Nintendo Switch Reactions With The Nintendo Power Couple

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_) and special guests Felia and Danny from The Nintendo Power Couple as they discuss their reactions to the Nintendo Switch Events from this past weekend. The trio also gushes about the the games they’re most excited to play as well as kicking around franchises they’d like to see make the switch to […]

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Recap 1.13.17

PlayStation Sony has decided to close down Rigs developer Guerilla Cambridge. The team is also responsible for titles like Killzone Mercenary on Vita and have been developing games for the PlayStation over the past two decades. It’s sad to see another European developer close their doors. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the few games […]

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Episode 44 – Games, Will’s 3DS Obsession, and…..Lemons?

After a short hiatus due to the holidays, LAN Party is back! Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Will (@scotchman), and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about cool games they’ve been playing and as Will gushes over his new 3DS! They also Recap the past couple weeks of news……this is the calm before the Nintendo Switch storm! Next […]

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Recap 1.6.17

Everyone here at Pixelrater hopes all of you had a great time this holiday season! We sure did! We’re ramping back up and you can expect a new episode of LAN Party this Monday as usual. 🙂 [divider] PlayStation Sony has moved over 53 million consoles through to consumers with a massive 6.2 million over […]

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Recap 12.30.16

Nintendo Nintendo filed a trademark for Eternal Darkness leading people to believe the game may either be remade or show up on Virtual Console for the Switch Nintendo renewed a trademark for the image of the Super Famicom controller, sparking rumors the company is planning on releasing a SNES Classic. Did you love the live […]

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Recap 12.23.16

PlayStation Daney and I quite like The Last Guardian. You can watch me play through the first half hour if you want. Now, the property is will be on a new medium. Part art book, part walkthrough, part development chronicle, The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story is scheduled to be released Feb. 28, 2017 for […]

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Reflecting on Year One

I officially launched the site you see today roughly a year and a half ago in July of 2015, but it wasn’t until I got a few friends on board that everything started really taking off. A lot of things happened in this past calendar year. We said goodbye to an early member of the […]

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Episode 43 – Super Mario Run Fun

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_) and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and go over some gaming news in the Recap. This week the Mario loving duo share their thoughts on the plumber’s first outing on smart devices with Super Mario Run ?. This is our last episode of 2016. We love you, […]

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