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Xbox Live Games With Gold For March 2018

I admittedly haven’t turned on my Xbox One in literally months. In fact, I’ve let my Gold membership lapse because I never play it and I especially never play games online with anyone (I usually don’t play online games on my PS4 either). Those of you who use your Xbox Ones and have a Gold […]

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RIP Xbox 360 :'(

10 years: That’s how long Xbox 360 has been around. It’s always sad when a console ends it’s run. Be it a long lived romp like the Playstation 2, or a short defeat like the Dreamcast. Seeing something that’s meant to bring joy to your life fade into obscurity is always a bummer. That’s exactly […]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutants in Manhattan Trailer

The only way my inner child knows how to start this post is—FUCK YES! Everything about this game looks AMAZING! I have chills down my spine! My cat woke me up an hour and a half before work whining so I decided to go in the living room and fire up Mario & Luigi Paper […]

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UPDATE: Mighty No. 9 Mighty Disappoints

Oh boy. I received an email this morning regarding Mighty No. 9 and I was really hoping it\’d be good news. News that those who Kickstarted the project would be happy to hear, but alas, the game has been delayed. A third time. The long and short of it is that apparently the team is […]

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Life is Strange Episode 5 Polarized Review

Its all over. At the beginning of the year I caught wind of a new titled named Life is Strange and thought , \’I\’ll give it a shot.\’ and while it may not be perfect , it\’s story and characters have stuck with me over the past ten months. I found my ending satisfying and […]

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UPDATE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Review

UPDATE: TMNT: OoTS finally launched on PSN today with a perk for PlayStation Plus subscribers. That so called \”perk\” is the pack containing an avatar for each turtles for free. Woo hoo. A whole $1.49 savings on an avatar pack people may not ever use. Why not discount the game for PS Plus members? Regardless […]

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