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Recap 12.16.16

Reviews Robinson: The Journey [divider] PlayStation Studio Wildcard and Peacock Studios announced a new VR game for PSVR called ARK Park, which will let players experience dinosaurs in they wild. Think, quite literally, Jurassic Park in VR. Players will be able to show off dinosaurs they tamed in the original ARK game or take part […]

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Our Favorite Games of 2016

It’s that time again folks, winter has come and we’re getting ready to say goodbye to another year. For the world of video gaming, this was a really slow feeling year at times, with a lot of little pockets of gems and promises of what’s to come. We’ve had quite the year, so without further […]

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Episode 42 – What The Guac?!

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotchman), and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and go over some gaming news in the Recap. As we wrap up Pixelrater’s first full year, we decided to go over some of our top games from the past year and why we loved them. The […]

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Recap 12.9.16

PlayStation In case you missed it, the Resident Evil VII demo demo for PS4 has been updated with support for PSVR as well as adding new areas. Sony announced six titles will make their way to iOS and Android within the next year including properties like PaRappa The Rapper, Wild Arms, and more. So uh, […]

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Episode 41 – PlayStation Experience and Experienced Clippy

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Daney (@daneyrivera), and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and go over some gaming news in the Recap. The team also runs through the list of winners from the Video Game Awards and dives into the mammoth amount of news from PlayStation Experience that happened only hours before […]

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Recap 12.2.16 and Video Game Awards

PlayStation Sony released a PlayStation Communities app for iOS and Android. To be honest, I created a Pixelrater community and never use it. Like, ever. But maybe I’ll mess around with it now. [divider] Xbox The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Trine 2, Medal of Honor: Airborne, and Astropop are the newest Xbox One compatible 360 […]

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Episode 40 – Poking Those Naughty Parts

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotchman), Tristan (@trondood), and special guest Justin (@brew_bacca) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and touch briefly on the big Foundation update for No Man’s Sky. Then they dive right into the main topic all about great games for 3DS since both Will and Justin recently inherited […]

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Recap 11.25.16

Xbox Microsoft and Oculus announced a partnership between the two companies. Starting December 12 Xbox One owners will be able to stream their games to an Oculus Rift headset connected to a Windows 10 computer. You’ll need an Xbox One, semi-powerful PC, and Oculus headset which is a lot to ask if you ask us. […]

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