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New Sonic Games, Sonic Mania & Project Sonic, Announced

Growing up I always liked Sonic, but like many gamers, he played second fiddle next to Mario and friends. Regardless Sonic and Sonic 2 are still fantastic games to this day and I have them both on my phone and 3DS. These original titles are arguably the best games starring the blue hedgehog and his […]

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Recap 7.22.16

Reviews Duskers [divider] PlayStation Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 October 11. No season pass as all DLC is included. Also has VR support to investigate Croft manor. Gravity Rush 2 is landing on PS4 on December 2. Check out the trailer here. Sony partnered with a System Shock developer Nightdive Studios to […]

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Episode 19 – The One Where Tonezone and Trondood Wing It

Join Antonio (@tonezone) and Tristan (@trondood) as they totally wing it this episode. Hear what they\’ve been playing and take a journey through their thoughts on Pokémon GO, NX, and where Nintendo\’s future may lie.[divider] [divider]

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Recap 7.15.16

Reviews We’ve all been playing Pokémon GO. Tristan and I finished INSIDE…..what an experience. One of us will put a review up next week. [divider] PlayStation No Man’s Sky dev says game takes 6 GB on disk A new gameplay trailer for what looks to be a mini series of videos explaining No Man’s Sky […]

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Episode 18 – Pokémon Go Up Up Up. Pokémon Go Downnnnn

Join Antonio (@tonezone), Daney (@daneyrivera), and Will (@scotch_man) as they go over the week\’s gaming news during the Recap segment and gush over the newly released Pokémon Go while also pointing out some of it\’s shortcomings in it\’s current state.

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Recap 7.8.16

Reviews The Magic Circle SteamWorld Heist [divider] PlayStation Rise of the Tomb Raider is making it’s way to PS4 this holiday, although no firm date has been established Adam Boyes, head of third party relations at PlayStation, is leaving the company to make games again. After numerous delays, No Man\’s Sky has gone gold! [divider] […]

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The Magic Circle Review

When I went into playing The Magic Circle, I really hadn’t heard anything about it. I had watched the trailer, and had known it was based on an older game that was a point and click game. Basically at that point, all I knew was that this was a game about developers who were making […]

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Recap 7.1.16

Reviews Rhythm Heaven Megamix [divider] PlayStation Sony dropping Ustream support in August PlayStation and GameStop are teaming up for players to try and get their hands on the last wave of VR preorders on June 30 [divider] Xbox Microsoft is running a pretty sweet back to school bundle. You can nab a Surface Pro 4 […]

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