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Zelda Book Report: A Link To The Past

Hey Everybody! Over the past few weeks, we’ve all been taking on a project which we’ve dubbed “Zelda Book Report.” Antonio, in all his infinte wisdom, has somehow never played a Zelda game to completion. In response to that blasphemous news, we all pledged to finish an entire Zelda game in anticipation for the release […]

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Zelda Book Report: The Minish Cap Part 2

Man oh man, I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t get that much further since my last report, most of which is my fault. I decided to start over when my wallet wasn’t big enough to hold all the rupees I started collecting as rewards. That upgrade to the Quiver isn’t cheap at 600 […]

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Zelda Book Report: Link’s Awakening

I’ve had a great relationship with The Legend of Zelda games, lasting many, many years with few complaints and many amazing times spent together. The series first caught my attention a number of years ago, when one of my older cousins was playing Ocarina of Time, which had just released at the time. I was […]

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Zelda Book Report: The Minish Cap Part 1

If you listened to episode 49 of our podcast, then you’ll remember I was initially supposed to play Ocarina of Time on 3DS and write a piece about my experience. It’s not that I don’t want to finish Ocarina—I’ve tried a few times in the past—but each attempt saw me start and stop on different […]

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