Oyi. As if the multiple delays and horrendous last trailer weren\’t enough, Kickstarter backers have yet to receive codes or physical copies for Mighty No. 9. You know, the game fans funded to the tune of over four million dollars to help create. As you can imagine, the Kickstarter community is none to pleased. To add insult to injury it appears the press received copies weeks ago and all backers can do is sit here and watch as review after review after review rates the game as mediocre and an overall a disappointment compared to what we were promised. I\’m holding out until I receive my backer code, but come on! This is just like what backers of Oculus are going through, except their situation is understandably more frustrating. If you ask me, backers should have received codes a week before the title\’s launch or at the very least the day before. Instead it\’s going on noon and I\’m just waiting to hear anything. To be honest, I kind of lost my excitement when news hit that the game was delayed for the millionth time. I\’ll post a review whenever (if ever) I receive my copy.

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