Man oh man, I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t get that much further since my last report, most of which is my fault.

I decided to start over when my wallet wasn’t big enough to hold all the rupees I started collecting as rewards. That upgrade to the Quiver isn’t cheap at 600 rupees! So I ditched all my progress from where I left off in my first book report and started over in order to get the second wallet upgrade. Who wants to be capped at 300 rupees?! Not this guy!

I restarted and ended up back at the Fortress of Winds entrance where I stumbled down the one damn path I didn’t take before (grumble). This passageway led me to a room where I literally unearthed the Mole Gloves. With my not-Wolverine mittens on hand, I proceeded to dig and battle my way through the to the end only to discover that the Element of Wind wasn’t even there!

Damn it Tribe of Winds!

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But it wasn’t all for nothing since I walked away with another heart container as well as the Ocarina of Wind. This handy little instrument lets you fast travel between Wind Crests you’ve discovered. I also received my next clue—I needed to embark to the Temple of Droplets. “Ok, no big deal.”, I thought, “That’ll be easy.”


Take a moment to laugh at naive little me. Okay, it wasn’t that hard to get to, it just took quite a bit more time that I expected. Why, you ask? I didn’t expect to turn into Hyrule Library’s repo man. But before I became Link The Hyrulian Book Collector, I decided I needed to max out my wallet capacity because, again, I want that Quiver. I eventually found the last wallet upgrade (long after I obtained the first one) with a fairy. The same fairy I told to fuck off earlier because, hell no am I giving her all my rupees! See kids, sometimes it pays to give. And in my case it did.

After maxing out my rupee fanny pack and uncovering the Wind Crest in Hyrule Town, I decided it was time to see what this Temple of Droplets is all about. I mean, it’s obviously about water, so that’s a start. After switching back and forth from human Link to mini Minish Link and getting batted around by a cat, I finally obtained my next useful item, the Power Bracelets. Now, I have the power to move large heavy items as little squirt Link. How convenient!

After entering the Temple of Droplets in a hasty fashion, thanks to the Elder Librari, I made my way throughout until I obtained the next much needed item—the Flippers! Thank God too, because H2o was becoming a major pain in my ass. And that’s where part two of my Zelda Book Report Ends. See you for part three!

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