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Dino Frontier Review

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bust out your dinosaur and cowboy action figures and have them fight bandits while expanding your town to accommodate new villagers? Remember how fun it was to catch and ride dinosaurs into battle? Growing up I didn’t have cowboys, but my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures mixed with […]

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Arizona Sunshine Review

A month or so ago Tristan reviewed NBA Playgrounds which holds the second lowest review score on our site to date. The first goes to Wander, a game that was so unbelievably broken I’m baffled how it got past any QA team. So. Let’s talk Arizona Sunshine. I remember my excitement when I saw the […]

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I remember how cool I thought SUPERHOT was when it first came out on macOS and PC. The idea of first person shooter meets puzzler isn’t new as there have been other great games before it like Portal, but none of them were in VR. The idea of the SUPERHOT series is simple: time only […]

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Symphony of the Machine Review

Symphony of the Machine is a new puzzler from Stirfire Studios for PlayStation VR. As developers experiment with what works in VR with games like Job Simulator (1), we more times than not we end up seeing much less action filled VR games, starkly contrasted against the  OMG I'M GOING TO F'ING DIE experiences like [...]
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Fated: The Silent Oath Review

During it’s launch, PlayStation VR had a pretty good assortment of games. Job Simulator and Wayward Sky, down to smaller titles I’d like to see receive the full game treatment such as Danger Ball and Robot Run. Since then there have been some truly terrifying (in a good way) titles and still others that, while […]

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Robinson: The Journey Review

Dinosaurs, man. I love ’em! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been all about them, especially when Jurassic Park came out. They’re fascinating creatures and I’m sure they were a sight to behold when they roamed the earth. Unfortunately, when Jurassic Park came out and dinos were more mainstream, the consoles on the market […]

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Loading Human Chapter 1 Review

I played the tutorial for Loading Human with two PS Move controllers, as suggested, and was so turned off by the control scheme that I didn’t play it for a couple days. Don’t do that. Admittedly the controls feel wonky at first, but before long I became accustomed to them. You use the triggers on […]

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WayWard Sky Review

If you can’t tell by the screenshots, WayWard Sky is a beautiful game. Visually, it’s easily one of my favorite PSVR launch titles compared to everything else I’ve played so far. It’s a world that’s bright and colorful, with it’s pastel art style and cheerful soundtrack. In the end everything comes together and oozes charm. […]

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