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Dead Rising 4 Review: Different, but in a really good way!

First off, I want to make note: I apologize for the time it took me to get this article from brain to internet. This was meant to be a Christmas piece in line with the game’s theme. A lot of things happen in life and the release of this game ened up being a strange […]

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Snake Pass Review: Mastering the Rope(sss)

Snake Puns everywhere! SumoDigitalLtd’s latest game Snake Pass for the Nintendo Switch is a lot of things. It’s a fun, beautiful and lighthearted puzzler. It’s a family friendly and brightly colored game with a catchy soundtrack. Most importantly: it’s the single best Snake simulator game I’ve ever played. I played SnakePass on the Nintendo Switch, […]

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ABZÛ Review

If you’re the type of gamer who needs your hand held and a long weaving story, then ABZÛ probably isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a bite sized adventure that provides a serene experience, ABZÛ comes as an easy recommendation. I remember seeing the reveal at E3 a few years […]

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Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 – Realm of Shadows : Review

Telltale Games are an acquired taste. When LucasArts laid off a large piece of their staff, including most of their team dedicated to adventure games, those same fellows banded together to form a new studio and search for a revival in the adventure game genre. They saw just that with their resurrection of the comical […]

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The Inside Scoop On Playdead’s “Inside”

Inside isn’t a game. Inside is a story. Took me like a week to come up with that. Honest.. Ask Antonio. Inside isn’t a bad experience by any means. On the contrary, I enjoyed (most) everything it had to offer. It looks beautiful, it’s a breeze to play, and most importantly, it’s thought provoking. I […]

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The Magic Circle Review

When I went into playing The Magic Circle, I really hadn’t heard anything about it. I had watched the trailer, and had known it was based on an older game that was a point and click game. Basically at that point, all I knew was that this was a game about developers who were making […]

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TMNT Mutants in Manhattan Review

Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie and were super pumped only to discover the trailer showed you all the best parts? And worse yet the meat of the movie just wasn’t very good? For me a perfect example of this was the recent remake of Evil Dead. The trailers looked amazing and […]

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DOOM Review

Blood. Gore. DOOM. Like a shotgun to the face, DOOM has engulfed our senses with high octane fun. The new DOOM thrusts you right into the fray in its exhilarating campaign mode. Your character wakes up on a ritualistic stone slab surrounded by terrifying medical/space equipment. Corpses litter the room and walkway as you make […]

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