Kamiko is a new indie title that is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop… The Japanese eshop, that is.

Yes, It’s currently only available outside of the United States. Thankfully, Nintendo has granted mercy on we lowly western peons and made the Switch a region free device. Getting access is super simple, and I can’t reccomend it enough; but more on that in a different article.

Kamiko is an overhead fantasy game. It has a super great soundtrack, and a beautiful pixel art style. Choosing one of three “divine maidens”, you explore various levels, opening shrines and facing bosses.

Basically, think fast paced Zelda, with a combo driven combat engine. IT’S WONDERFUL!

If you want to put in the (very minimal) leg work to get on the Japanese eshop, Kamiko can be yours for 500 yen, or roughly 5 USD.

Check it out!

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