• Microsoft and Oculus announced a partnership between the two companies. Starting December 12 Xbox One owners will be able to stream their games to an Oculus Rift headset connected to a Windows 10 computer. You’ll need an Xbox One, semi-powerful PC, and Oculus headset which is a lot to ask if you ask us. But if you have all of the above, you’ll be able to see your games on a virtual screen similar to what PSVR owners see when playing regular games on their headset.

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  • Season 3 of Telltale’s episodic series The Walking Dead will hit all major platforms starting December 20. If you’d rather play everything at once, you’ll be able to buy the complete boxed or digital version on February 7.

  • Overwatch’s Symmetra is being overhauled with completely redesigned shielding and two ultimates. Will geeks out and gives all the details in our latest podcast episode.

  • Once a Wii U exclusive, LEGO City Undercover will be making it’s way to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in the Spring of 2017. Tristan loved the game and calls it GTA for kids.

  • After missing the initial launch, seamless multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2 is now up and running. Yours truly experienced it first hand, and it was glorious.

  • This week Image & Form’s announced they’re putting SteamWorld Heist (review here) for Xbox One and Android on the back burner. The studio of just 18 are working full force on a new game for the Nintendo Switch. That’s a real bummer, because I loved the game. Oh—and their CEO is a pretty cool guy too. You can learn about the game and the company in our interview.

  • Minecraft on consoles is getting a big update to keep it more in line with it’s PC counterpart. Some of the big changes include the inclusion of Ender Cities as well as amplified terrain.

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