• Animal Crossing Pocket Camp released a day earlier than scheduled, and it currently has five stars on the iOS App Store with 95K ratings. I’ve been enjoying it, however, the title has been plagued with connection issues since launch. The AC team have gifted everyone 20 lead tickets as an apology.

  • Blaster Master Zero has been updated to version 1.5 which adds the new Blaster Battle Mode. Blaster Mode lets players choose from any of the playable characters and face off in 1-on-1 battles. It’s possible to choose from different parameters, and each character’s Sophia III vehicle has different weapons.

    • Splatoon 2 has received a new update which added the following new features:
    • One new stage (three more to be released next month)
    • New Salmon run stage
    • Over 140 pieces of new gear (shoes, headgear, winter clothing etc.)
    • New music tracks
    • New level cap limit (from level 50 to level 99)
    • More Amiibo support
  • We have some new info on the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal. It’s been confirmed there will be a Donkey Kong section in addition to a Mario Kart section, with the former taking up 4.7 acres, and the latter 1.76 acres, leaving 2.4 acres left for the rest of Super Nintendo World. There may also be plans to build more Nintendo-themed attractions in the future

  • Time Magazine has awarded Switch ‘The Best Gadget of 2017.’


  • SOMA has released on Xbox One with a new console exclusive safe mode which lets players enjoy the game and story free from enemy harm.

Industry News

  • Mafia is now available on Steam and GOG after being unavailable for years due to a music licensing issue.

  • Minecraft’s ‘Better Together’ update has been pushed back to 2018 for Switch along with the ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’ for supported platforms.

  • Wolfenstein 2 has a new demo available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One that lets players try out the game’s first level and carry over their progression to the full game.

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