• Nintendo filed a trademark for Eternal Darkness leading people to believe the game may either be remade or show up on Virtual Console for the Switch

  • Nintendo renewed a trademark for the image of the Super Famicom controller, sparking rumors the company is planning on releasing a SNES Classic.

  • Did you love the live action Super Mario Bros movie from the nineties? I’m not sure why you would, but if you did then starting February 13 you’ll be able to purchase the title on Blu-ray which includes a new sixty minute documentary with the directors and cast. Preorders from Zavvi are here.

  • If you’re on Android and are looking forward to Super Mario Run (our first impressions here) you can now sign up to be notified when the game released next year.

Industry News

  • The folks behind the gut wrenching, but highly recommended, game That Dragon Cancer are working on a new title. The new title, Untethered, is will be in VR and is said to be comical and lighthearted. You’ll play as a radio DJ and perform tasks like answering calls, interviewing callers, and more.

  • Remember Double Dragon? Well if you loved it then you may be happy to know Double Dragon IV will release January 30, 2017 for PS4 and Steam. It sounds like it will be a small downloadable affair with some of the creators of the original involved.

  • Bandi Namco are betting on artificial intelligence startup Heroz to make their upcoming games like the Souls series infinitely more difficult. Heroz impressed the company with their algorithm for Japanese chess which has bested many professional human players.

  • Back in 2012 a game called Frog Faction released and gained a cult following. In 2014 developer Jim Crawford set up a Kickstarter for the sequel but noted that the game would not be called Frog Faction 2 and would release inside another game instead. After two years of gamers searching and scouring the web, it is now known where Frog Factions 2 lies—in a Steam game called Glittermitten Grove.


  • According to sources, Nickelodeon is working on a new animated series based on a highly popular video game franchise from the past thirty years. Many people are assuming its a collaboration with Nintendo for either a new Mario or Zelda show.

  • According to industry reports, the next Assassin’s Creed will launch simultaneously on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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