• Final Fantasy XV has received a new patch number of 1.05 which allows a max cap of 60fps on PS4 Pro (note: it will not consistently be 60fps). The update also adds some new hunts, a higher level cap of 120, more camera roll capacity up to 200, a Chocobo music player, and the end of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.


  • Halo Wars 2 is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10


  • NIS America announced RPG Maker Fes coming to 3DS this Summer. Check out the trailer. Sure, Super Mario Maker 3DS let’s you make iconic Mario levels, but RPG Maker let’s you make RPG’s!

  • NIS America also announced Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch. Trailer here.

  • The Nintendo Account Website has been updated with a few new features. Users can now change the site’s language without having to select a new country of residence. Parents can now create age-restricted accounts for their children that will tie into Nintendo’s pioneering smartphone app to monitor what games their children play and for how long. You’ll also be able to see your purchase activity, including Wii U and 3DS purchases if you linked you Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account. Lastly, you can also view friend suggestions based on your linked social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This feature is currently live on Nintendo’s smartphone apps.

  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ has been pushed back from a launch title for Switch, to a ‘some time in March’ window. Those who buy the launch editions of the physical version will be treated to reversible box art, two sticker sheets, and a newly announced twenty page instruction booklet. I have to say, the instruction booklet it something I miss dearly. Whenever I’d (immediately) tear open a new game the first thing I did as a child was read the instruction booklet on my way home.

  • Nintendo announced a partnership with John Cena with the goal of bringing a portable living room pop-up locations for customers to try out Switch. You’ll be able to check them out in the California desert, a Colorado ski slope, and Manhattan’s Madison Square Park.

  • It turns out this new gorgeous Zelda BoTW amiibo will unlock weapons items in the final game. You can see what here.

  • Many people associate Nintendo of America with Reggie Fils-Aimé, which is understandable. However, the company’s real pioneer here in the west, Alan Stone, has passed away at the age of 71 after a long battle with cancer. For those unaware, he is the co-founder of NOA back in the 80’s after helping to distribute Nintendo’s arcade cabinets like Donkey Kong here in the US.

  • GameStop announced those who missed out on preordering a Nintendo Switch may still be able to get their hands on one, as the company will have a “limited supply” of consoles.

  • Nintendo is hosting a Nindies Showcase for Switch on February 28 at 12pm EST. You can view it here.

  • In a new press release, Nintendo announced that games will be tied to Nintendo Accounts, however, a Nintendo Account can only be linked to one Switch console at a time. That’s disappointing news for families who will have more than one unit for sure.

Industry News

  • Um, if you’re still using Windows XP or Vista…..why? But secondly, Bilzzard will cease support for both ancient OSes some time this year.

  • Square Enix announced a new RPG called Project Prelude Rune which will be the debut project of the company’s newly established Studio, Istolia. It will be headed by former Tales producer Hideo Baba.

  • The Humble Freedom Bundle, which was created to aid those effected by asshat Trump’s ridiculous Muslim ban, raised more than $6.5M for charity. That’s amazing!

  • In May 2014, TheMexicanRunner began his NESMania project with the objective of completing every single officially licensed western NES game live on Twitch. He’s finally about to finish that goal over 3,000 hours later through a whopping 714 games with one of my favorite titles, Super Mario Bros 3.

  • Speedrunner Distortion2 currently holds the world record of finishing Sony’s latest smash-hit PS4 exclusive Nioh in under two hours. Wow!

  • Square Enix announced that Nintendo Wii service for Dragon Quest X will be ending, but will offer a way for players to easily, ahem, switch to the Switch version.

  • Dead Rising 4 will no longer be a Windows 10 store exclusive starting March 14 when it hits Steam. Those who pre-order will receive a 20% discount.

  • IGN announced it’s partnering with the newly launched Video Game History Foundation to present the IGN Save Point Live Stream on Monday, February 27 from 3:00pm to 8pm EST. The idea is to express the importance of saving video game history by showing the work being done. . The livestream will also serve as the VGHF’s first fundraising event. Tax-deductible donations made during the stream will go directly toward the nonprofit’s operating costs, helping to ensure that rare historical artifacts are discovered, digitized, and made accessible to researchers before they are lost.

  • Disney is set to drop support for more than 55,000 YouTubers currently backed by its Maker Studios division. The company plans on keeping and managing 300 YouTubers who share the same core values the company stands behind with its own series or films. Most interesting, however, is the decision to merge them under the Disney banner, helping them work with other divisions in the company.

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