• PS4’s media player has been updated to version 3.0 and adds 4K video playback support for PS4 Pro owners.


  • You may have heard in our last podcast episode that Billings Farm and Museum challenged Nintendo to a milkoff to which Nintendo accepted. If you ask me, the whole ordeal is weird and also brilliant at the same time. I’ve embedded the video at the bottom of this post.
  • Psyonix said they’re evaluating bring Rocket League to the Switch if the community demand is high enough. I know I’d play it!
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment both received updates to version 3.0A for Switch adding a bunch of fixes and new features, most notably 1080p support in docked mode.
  • If you still own a DSi and access the DSi Shop you have until March 31 (uhhh, that’s today) to purchase anything new. Nintendo is closing the shop for good, however, DSi owners will still be able to download all purchased content without issue.
  • Battlefry and Nintendo of America have teamed up to create the US Inkling Tournament, allowing residents in the United States 18 and older to compete to win a trip for four to this year’s E3. Signups are here. The tournament will be online via Splatoon on Wii U across the game’s different modes.
  • Breath of the Wild received an update pushing it to version 1.1.1 which, according to Nintendo, will “make for a more pleasant gameplay experience”. Early reports as well as a video comparison embedded at the bottom of this post show drastic improvements to frame rate in congested areas such as Korok Forest and The Great Plateau.
  • Xbox

  • Microsoft has rolled out the latest Xbox One update which adds a bunch of new features such as streaming gameplay from the Xbox via Beam. There is also a snappier Home Screen and Guide along with new multitasking and other features.
  • Industry

  • EA and DICE announced Star Wars Battlefront II this week. The company said the first trailer will debut during a panel at the Star Wars Celebration 2017 starting at 2:30 pm Saturday, April 15.
  • Disney announced Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2, the sequel to the hit video game based animated movie from 2012. It’s slated to hit theaters March 9, 2018.
  • If you’re playing Watch Dogs 2 then you’re in for a bunch of free DLC, most of which was originally destined for season pass holders. Players are set to receive three new PvP modes, a paintball rifle, armored loot trucks to hunt down, more outfits, and support for activities like motocross, eKart, and drone races.
  • Blizzard has announced they’ll be creating high-end collectibles of their characters from their stable of IP rather than solely licensing to third parties like years past under their new Blizzard Collectibles line. The initial offering includes badass renditions of Widowmaker, Reaper, and Tracer for $150 as well as Illidan and Grommash statues for $350. Fans of Hearthstone can buy a keepsake box for $225.
  • Bungie released the first teaser trailer for Destiny 2 which you can watch see embedded below. Personally, I really like the overall tone and hope Bungie’s sequel makes me care about the characters, and this seems like a good first step.
  • Official set photos have been released of actress Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider movie, and I think she looks great!
  • If you’ve been wanting to dip your toes into FF XIV because maybe you don’t want to take a long road trip, I have good news. Square Enix has lifted the 14 day trial in favor of all content being free up until level 35. So download and have at it!
  • Warner Bros. announced a VR exclusive partnership with HTC Vive for all VR related content starting with Steven Speilberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One.
  • Bethesda is taking signups for the Quake Championships beta which is set to kick off April 6.
  • Bungie dropped the first cinematic trailer for Destiny 2 this week. Those who preorder before the game launches on September 8 will gain access to the beta when it’s announced.
  • Palmer Luckey is parting ways with both Facebook and Facebook owned Oculus this week. Palmer was once the face of VR until a recent political firestorm turned him into a recluse.
  • Twitch has updated their service to add support for 1080p at 60fps.
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    Nintendo VS Billings Farm and Museum

    Breath of the Wild 1.1.1 Comparison

    Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer

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