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Death Squared Review

If you’ve seen any advertising for the Nintendo Switch, then you know the company is pushing local co-op play hard, and they should be! Don’t get me wrong, online co-op is fun and all, but I miss the days of having a group of friends under the same roof battling it out in Halo or […]

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Pokken Tournament Review

I have waited for this game nearly all my life. As a kid, I prayed to the Nintendo gods, begging them for a game that included Pokemon battles without the turn based limitations. I was asking for a miracle, or at least that\’s what it felt like back then. Fast forward a dozen or so […]

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DOOM Multiplayer First Impressions + OPEN BETA!

–UPDATE– Just announced! An open beta for the DOOM multiplayer will be available from April 15th-17th, with pre-load available starting April 12th. Beta is open to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam – No code needed! This past weekend Bethesda released the Doom multiplayer beta, closed to those who have already preordered the game or had […]

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Grifball is live in Halo 5: Guardians

343 Industries announced earlier in February that a beloved community created game mode called \”Grifball\” was making a return in Halo 5: Guardians. This has sparked a lot of excitement across the board with Halo fans all over. If there is one thing that can be observed about the Halo community, it\’s that as much as […]

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