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Recap 4.15.16

PlayStation The PlayStation Store, along with retail, see two big franchise releases with Ratchet & Clank and Dark Souls III A closed beta for Mirror\’s Edge Catalyst sprints to PS4 next week from April 22 to the 24. Not everyone will get accepted into the beta. Xbox Minecraft The Complete Adventure which consists of all […]

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Metroid is a prized treasure of Nintendo. Metroid Prime and Super Metroid are undisputed kings of video games. Gamers have always reacted to the latest in the series with joy and anticipation! …Then they announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The E3 reveal for the latest “Metroid” game was less than stellar. Honestly, I can’t fault […]

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Recap 4.8.16

PlayStation PS4 firmware update 3.50 is out with big features like remote for Mac and PC, notifications when friends come online, ability to change your online status, and more Xbox Gears of war 4 is launching worldwide October 11 of this year Quantum Break released for Xbox One and Windows 10 Nintendo Nintendo of America […]

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Recap 3.31.16

PlayStation Sony is looking into making the PlayStation VR playable on Windows PC, according to Nikkei. Sony Computer Entertainment executive vice president Masayasu Ito told the Japanese publication that the company is considering making the headset, which arrives in October, compatible with that platform later in its lifespan. Axiom Verge finally coming to Vita on […]

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Recap 3.25.16

PlayStation Sony Shuts Down DriveClub and Motorstorm Developer Evolution Studios Sony creates company called ForwardWorks in order to leverage existing PlayStation IP on smart devices Xbox Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has released an apology regarding the dancers dressed as schoolgirls that were performing during a party Microsoft hosted at GDC. Naturally this was done […]

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We have details on Pokémon Go, the mobile game coming to Android and iOS phones around the world. Imagine being able to catch Pokémon in real life! It’s not quite that cool—but it’s about as close as you can get. There aren’t details yet on a pricing model for the game and/or in-app purchases, but […]

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This week brings us the first day of Spring. Ironically enough, the eastern parts of The United States started the day one of Spring with pretty crappy weather. However! Xbox has announced they are doing a sale right now on quite a few xbox exclusive titles and a console. This week they have offers on […]

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Recap 3.18.16

PlayStation PlayStation VR Priced at $399. Comes out in October 2016. Our constantly updating news post can be found here. Double Fine Presents… Everything from David O\’Reilly. A game where you can be a horse or a paperclip and more. Coming exclusively to PS4. PlayStation Vue rolls out nationwide, starting at $29.99 in new markets […]

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Tony Plays FEZ: via @YouTube
Tony Plays Statik Institute on PlayStation VR: via @YouTube
Tony Plays Nex Machina: via @YouTube

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