Are you new to Fallout? Me too! You may have noticed that being a first time survivor in the wasteland can be tough—I know I have. As a newcommer here are some tips I\’ve discovered and ones I found online to help you out. This list will be ongoing to check back for updates!

​ This is probaably the single most important tip I can give you. Save. A lot. There are many many places to explore, some of which look completely harmless. For the love of God don\’t explore a building before saving. You may be fine or you may be ambushed and die resulting in you losing all progress since your last save. It happened once and now I save often as a precautionary measure. I\’ve also set auto-save within my Pipboy from ten to five minutes. You can do this in the Pipboy settings

​Radiation is a part of every day life after the apocalypse. In case you aren\’t aware of what that red bar eating your green health bar is, it\’s your radiation level. There are a few ways to remedy this. You\’ll find medicine called Radaway but I suggest only using it in emergency situations because it\’s expensive to buy and rare to find. I usually visit a doctor who flushes my system of rads for forty caps and afterwords I seek a bed, sleep to regain full health, and save.

Speaking of health, you should cook all the meat you find. I assumed everything in the wasteland always came with a dose of rads, that it was a part of life, and once my rad level became too high I\’d have to take radaway or visit a doctor. Don\’t make my mistake by consuming raw meat to recover health, unless it\’s a pretty dire situation. I now know that simply cooking meat at a cooking station (the big pot over a campfire) produces food that boosts health without any nasty rads.

Have you lost Dogmeat or any other companion yet? It can be a pain in the ass to find them even if you\’re at the settlement you sent them to. To make finding Dogmeat (I hate that name) easier simply build a doghouse and when you send him to that settlement that\’s where you\’ll find him. To build a doghouse enter build mode at a workbench and navigate to Decorations and Miscellaneous. To help find missing human companions build a bell you can ring in your settlement by going to Resources and Miscellaneious in build mode.

Save your grenades for boss battles and try not to use them in a room full of weaker enemies. Instead funnel them into a single passageway and take them out with a powerful gun or pick them off one by one from afar with a sniper rifle. You\’ll be glad you did when you come toe to toe with a much more powerful mutant foe.

Too much stuff to carry? Offload some of your wares to your companion. Yes, even Dogmeat can carry items for you!

About to scrap a weapon or piece of armor? Make sure to remove all equipped mods first as they can be added to any new armor or weapons you may be using.

Hoard everything! That plunger or hot plate you came across? While you may be shitting in a hole and won\’t be scrambling any eggs those pieces of junk can be broken down into wood, rubber, and copper. All of which are useful.

Are you out of a material and need to say, build a generator? Simply tag the material you need in the build menu and when you\’re out rummaging for supplies a magnifying glass will pop up on anything that produces that material. Then just take it and scrap it!

Having trouble hacking that terminal? If you can\’t seem to pick the correct password just back out after three attempts and you\’ll be able to try again with four tries. The password will be different but you\’ll crack it eventually.

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