UPDATE: I’ve embedded the gameplay reveal trailer for Sonic Forces at the bottom of this post. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below!


  • PS4 games are making their way to Sony’s PlayStation Now online streaming service.

  • PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 2.6M copies in it’s first two weeks after launch, making it a successful new IP for the PlayStstion brand. 


  • Since it’s launch on March 3, the Nintendo Switch has managed to sell 1.5M units across all territories. As of writing it’s still difficult to get a hold of and accessories are pretty much sold out with some on Amazon displaying a 1-2 month shipping estimate.

  • Today, Jason Michael Paul Entertainment and Nintendo announced The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. Events will be held across North America and around the world. You can check the tour dates and buy tickets here.

  • If you were experiencing audio or video issues with any of the Arcade Archives games on Switch, the developer has quickly turned around an update to remedy these issues across all games.

  • According to research firm SuperData, Zelda Breath of the Wild sold 1.34M copies so far on Switch alone, meaning an astonishing 89% of Switch owners bought Zelda as well. Then again, with it being so incredibly excellent maybe we aren’t that surprised after all.

  • According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is doubling Switch manufacturing from 8M in it’s first fiscal year to 16M. We have our fingers crossed for the big N’s success!

Industry News

  • Washington D.C. is betting big on esports with a $65 million, 4,200 seat arena being built for the Washington Mystics as well as sponsoring NRG.

  • Kinda Funny co-founder Colin Moriority has left Kinda Funny, saying that he wants to do and say his own thing and not have it affect others within the company. This comes just a week after he made a tweet about women in a completely joking fashion and, the internet being the fucking internet, got offended and riled against him. In a recent episode of Kinda Funny Gamescast Colin, Greg, Nick, and Tim say everyone is very much friends and there are no hard feelings and plan on collaborating in the future.

  • Last weekend’s big Pokémon tournament in Australia saw many famous players, including two world champions, duking it out for the top title. Zoe Lou, a player with no previous major finishes, stunned and thrilled the community by rising above competition. In doing so, she has become the first woman to win an international Pokémon event in the oldest age division.

  • Newly formed studio Frostkeep Studios, announced both their new company and first game titled Rend. The developer is comprised of seasoned World of Warcraft and League of Legends devs.

  • Starbreeze has been developing games for over a decade, although you likely know of them thanks to Payday. Well it seems like Payday has paid off (not sorry), as it has allowed the developer to open a publishing arm. And that arm has managed to wrangle the rights to publish System Shock 3 by OtherSide.

  • Capcom and Disney announced the DIsney Afternoon Collection, a throwback to some of the finest games that graced the NES. Tristan has all the details in his article here.

Sonic Forces Gameplay Reveal

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