Author: Tristan Simonian

I’m unabashedly in love with Nintendo; ESPECIALLY Zelda! Spelunky is my jam. Burritos are life.

Ratchet and Clank: The Virgin Experience

Having been a concrete member of Club Gamecube, I missed out on most of the PS2 lineup. Aside from mega hits like Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid,my formative years were filled with Smash Brothers and Metroid Prime. I actually never even knew anything about the series other than the characters are anthropomorphic; I’d […]

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The new Metroid blasts out a teaser site

Metroid is a prized treasure of Nintendo. Metroid Prime and Super Metroid are undisputed kings of video games. Gamers have always reacted to the latest in the series with joy and anticipation! …Then they announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The E3 reveal for the latest “Metroid” game was less than stellar. Honestly, I can’t fault […]

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Gears of War, we need to talk…

Last night on the podcast I gave approval for more Gears of War in my life. I am still on board with more; but we need to talk about something. Sequels, man… Remember when stories had a conclusion? You’d experience something to a point and then it ends; and you\’re satisfied. You reflect on it […]

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This week we are trying something new, which we all really liked. Ever listened to our podcast and thought, \”Gee, I wish I knew how great these guys look\”? Now is your chance! Check it out! This week we are talking about the Division. And boy are we… Divided. (I\’m here all week.) You can […]

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Fire Emblem: Birthright. What went wrong?

I want Fire Emblem to go away. Immediately. I don’t say that to be romantic and have an opinion that’s outside of the crowd. I don’t say that because I don’t enjoy Fire Emblem. It’s a wonderful series. Intelligent Systems knows what they\’re doing when it comes to turn-based strategy games. Fire Emblem has die […]

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The Division: Why I’m writing this off faster than my taxes.

Last night I made a terrible decision. My wife was working late, and I was hungry. I went to Burger King. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, thanked the cashier and walked home. I unwrapped my prize to find that it didn’t look anything like the picture on the menu. Whatever… Yolo. Bad idea. What […]

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No Man’s Sky is available for Pre-Order. And has a release Date!

Space. The Final Frontier… …Can soon be yours for the low price of 59.99! That\’s right! The long awaited Hype Machine – Space Exploration – Childhood Fantasy Simulator, No Man\’s Sky is now live for pre-orders. Since the reveal of NMS at the VGX show in 2013, excitment and anticipation has exploded throughout the gaming […]

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New Pokémon teaser trailer will make you go full inner child.

Look! Guys! Watch this! Wow. Though I can\’t say I\’ve had ALL of those emotions throughout my years as a Pokémon trainer, this definitely captures the spirit of what if feels like to play. Look at all those Gameboys! (I\’m having a bit of touble imagining the producers handing a gameboy pocket to a child […]

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