Welcome again to that time of the week where you decide, yes, life just might be worth living – Mobile Games You Mighta Missed. This week, were talking about a game that Will and I have slowly fallen in love with – Fowlst – which is equal parts charming as it is frustrating (at first). Peep my thoughts after the cut.

Soaring high above the competition, Fowlst can be described best as the beautiful offspring of Flappy Bird and the Binding of Issac. Visually, less is more, with very simple shapes and elements giving off a slick, classy, retro-indie tone, with fantastic animations and effects to boot. The game itself is a dungeon-crawling destruction free-for-all, where you take your character into as many rooms as you can clear, killing hostile enemies and bosses until you succumb to their power. Levels themselves are randomly generated, meaning every dive into the expanse is going to be a different and unexpected experience.

Taking off into the game at first can be frustrating, as the game relies heavily on its upgrade system to have you be able to advance in its stages, which makes the beginning (along with your learning curve) very unforgiving. After collecting enough moneybags to begin upgrading, the tone of the game changes from an annoyance to exciting and challenging. It takes some serious skill to get through these levels, and beating your own high score feels refreshing and like a well-deserved accomplishment.

After spending many hours with Fowlst, I can say with certainty that it is one of the top games available on the App Store. For some, especially those who love indie gaming, this is an absolute must-by – but beware. Fowlst is a title that is very frustrating until you, well, git gud, noob.

You can purchase Fowlst for $1.99 on the iOS App Store.


Will’s Thoughts:

Fowlst is one of the most addictive and challenging iOS dungeon challenge game I’ve played in a long time. The difficulty scales exponentially as you move through the chambers, but the rewarding feeling you get from being able to top your score again and again means you’ll be returning to this challenging game repeatedly on commutes. No advertising and offline gameplay, coupled with the ability to mute in game audio to listen to your own tunes while wrecking your enemies places Fowlst in my top ten. Get the missile upgrades first, and don’t be afraid to save up for that extra heart. It goes a long way! Jump, slam and be unpredictable to win. Dodging lasers is harder than you think.



  • Exciting and Fun
  • Polished
  • Visually Appealing
  • Simple
  • High feelings of Accomplishment


  • Repetititive
  • Frustrating
  • Slow at first
Author Daney Rivera
Categories MGYMM


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