This week on Mobile Games You Mighta Missed, we are returning to an old classic, a tried and true favorite – equal parts fun as it is beautiful. Originally released in 2013, Ridiculous Fishing is an oldie but goodie that is worth coming back to.

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale Of Redemption – Release Trailer from Vlambeer on Vimeo.

Ridiculous Fishing takes on a simple idea for its gameplay, angle for some fish, grab as many as possible, and fling them into the air and shoot them down. When you cast your lure out, you are able to tilt your phone to move your line around or to a fish. The motion controls are necessary, and has to be used in order to play the game. As soon as your lure hits a fish, it’s hooked and you start to reel it in. On its way back up, you are able to maneuver around and catch as many additional fish on your line as you can. It’s very simple and satisfying at its core, but this game really shines with the customization options available, which are all creative/fun and bring more flavor into the full game.

Honestly, this game is just a great ball of nonsensical fun. I can cast my line out with a toaster on it (to zap the first fish my line connects with so I can keep going deeper), chainsaw through fish, and once I’ve come up with my catch, blast them out of the air with a mini gun (or other similarly destructive firearms). Its available offline as well, which makes it one of my favorites to pull out for my underground commute. The art style is really fun to look at too, with the colors being intense and vivid and everything looking sharp and angular. The shop and upgrade system also gives the game a nice amount of depth, and keep the game lighthearted and wacky.



  • Cool Art Style
  • Very Fun
  • No MicroTransactions
  • Available Offline
  • Satisfying Gameplay Loop


  • Repetitive
  • Mandatory Motion Controls
  • Some weapons are not fun to use
Author Daney Rivera
Categories MGYMM


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