Hey folks, welcome back to our latest Mobile Games You Mighta Missed Adventure. This week, we set our sights on a game that originally released in June of 2015 – You Must Build A Boat. Created by EightyEight Games, it is available on iOS, Android, and Steam.

Let’s take a trip down mobile-game memory lane, back to where it all began. For me, Snake is the first thing that comes to mind (although to be fair the first mobile phone game was tetris). Right after Snake, I remember what would quickly become my next obsession – Bejeweled. There was something so instinctually satisfying about matching gems together and having them disappear and tumble down the screen, scoring points and combos while being trumpeted with an 8-bit fanfare of pure ecstasy.

I bet that Nokia still is working

Fast forward to the modern era – where matching games are now a widespread infectious rash on the face of mobile gaming, with only a select few worthy of the time you’d put into them (wow, I’m really starting to sound like a mobile gaming elitist here). But honestly, I’ve found that it’s hard to find a good matching game that doesn’t overwhelm you with micro transactions and will keep you coming back for more (shoutout to Two Dots – ur fun as hell). You Must Build A Boat, at it’s core, is a tile-matching game – but it does so much more. It’s also a quest-giving infinite runner, dungeon crawler, collect-a-thon, upgrade-based, RPG fighting game. I know, I know, that’s a lot of things for a game to be, but somehow #YMBAB does it effortlessly.

It’s hard to explain how all of those elements fuze together to form one game, so please enjoy some videos of this game:

Admittedly, it did take me a good amount of time for my eyes to adjust to the game and really be able to A) focus on matching and B) match the things that needed to be matched based on what my player was encountering. After beating the whole game once and going through it’s new game + feature, I’d have to say that I’m super pleased with this game. It’s fun to play, challenging, and helps pass the time on a commute really well. It’s a game you can play with one hand as well, so for all y’all New Yorkers reading, feel free to stand and play.

Your boat grows the further you get in the story

If you’re looking for a great matching+ game to pass the time, look no further. You Must Build A Boat does everything with exquisite polish, and keeps things difficult and challenging for hours to come.

You Must Build A Boat is available from the iOS App Store for $2.99, the Google Play Store for $2.99, and Steam for $4.99.



  • Addictive
  • Fun and Challenging
  • Large level of depth for a mobile game
  • Great Sound Effects


  • Some Quests are too RNG
Author Daney Rivera
Categories MGYMM


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