Hello everyone! I\’m thrilled to share that we made it on Rebates Zone’s Top 50 Video Game Sites list! We landed number 43 which is awesome considering we share the space with juggernauts I grew up with and read daily like IGN, Kotaku, and Destructoid. I started Pixelrater entirely on my own and managed all aspects of it from conception, naming, design, social media, and more. The site now has four other writers you can check out here as well as a podcast called LAN Party on iTunes, Android, and the web. 

It was an exciting weekend attending the Nintendo NY press event and interviewing Charles Martinet who, if you don\’t know, is the voice of Mario, Luigi, and others! It makes me really excited for the future. We\’ll be attending both PAX East and IndieCade this year and I can\’t wait to grow, network, expand our reach, and foster a community. 

If you\’re reading this you\’re a part of the reason why I do this, why we do this, and why we want to only do this. Thank you and please keep spreading the word about us and don\’t be shy about reaching out on Twitter or at contact@pixelrater.com. 

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