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Episode 40 – Poking Those Naughty Parts

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotchman), Tristan (@trondood), and special guest Justin (@brew_bacca) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and touch briefly on the big Foundation update for No Man’s Sky. Then they dive right into the main topic all about great games for 3DS since both Will and Justin recently inherited […]

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Recap 11.25.16

Xbox Microsoft and Oculus announced a partnership between the two companies. Starting December 12 Xbox One owners will be able to stream their games to an Oculus Rift headset connected to a Windows 10 computer. You’ll need an Xbox One, semi-powerful PC, and Oculus headset which is a lot to ask if you ask us. […]

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Episode 39 – Tristan has a Poké Problem

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Will (@scotchman), and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and go over some gaming news in the Recap. This week’s topic is about Nintendo’s pricing for Super Mario Run and the company’s end game plan. Oh yeah, and we keep yelling at Tristian because he has a problem. […]

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Recap 11.18.16

PlayStation PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim sales are neck and neck in Japan, boosting Sony’s overall sales numbers significantly Sony’s PlayStation Vue is now available on the fourth gen Apple TV Mods are now available for Fallout 4 on PS4 The Last Guardian got a new CG trailer [divider] Xbox Xbox One’s holiday updates has […]

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Recap 11.11.16

PlayStation Sony is celebrating a decade of PlayStation Network by throwing a big sale on the PlayStation Store. Check out all the wares on offer. PlayStation 4 Pro launched this week. [divider] Xbox There was once a time where the Xbox Preview Program was invite only, but soon it’ll be open to everyone as well […]

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PS4 Pro: What You Need to Know

What a weird yet exciting time it is for video game hardware this holiday. It was a little less than a month ago when PlaySation VR launched and now Sony’s launching their supercharged PS4 Pro. The Pro hopes to usher in a new era of 4K HDR games and video content and, according to early […]

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Episode 38 – That Animal Crossing Life

Join Antonio (@_tonezone_) and Tristan (@trondood) as they chat about what they’ve been playing and go over some gaming news in the Recap. Then they dive into the massive free update that just released for Animal Crossing New Leaf. Tristan also explains what make’s the series so great. It’s a chill time. 😎 https://media.blubrry.com/pixelrater/p/s3.amazonaws.com/lanpartypodcastepisodes/Episode38.mp3Podcast: Play […]

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Recap 11.4.16

[divider] Reviews WayWard Sky [divider] PlayStation That Game Company, the creators of Flower and mega hit Journey, released an image teaser for their next game. November’s free PlayStation Plus games are available and include Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered, and Pumped BMX+ on PS4, with […]

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